Meaning of CRO-MAGNON in English

krōˈmagnən, -maig- also -gˌnän or -manyən or -mäny- or -nˌyän; or as F noun

( -s )

Usage: usually capitalized C&M

Etymology: from Cro-Magnon, a cave near Les Eyzies, Dordogne dept., France, where type specimens were found

1. : a tall erect race of men having large faces and deep-set eyes known from skeletal remains found with Aurignacian artifacts chiefly in southern France and regarded by some anthropologists as the substratum of the modern European population or even as surviving in comparative purity in local areas

Cro-Magnon race

Cro-Magnon skeletons

2. : an Upper Paleolithic European man including such diverse forms as the Brünn and Grimaldi races

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