Meaning of CRYSTALLITE in English


ˈkristəˌlīt noun

( -s )

Etymology: German kristallit, from kristall- crystall- + -it -ite


a. : a minute mineral form like those common in glassy volcanic rocks and some slags usually not referable to any mineral species but marking the first step in the crystallization process

b. : a single grain in a polycrystalline medium ; also : a crystallographically homogeneous domain within such a grain


a. : any part of a plant-cell wall in which the chain molecules of cellulose lie parallel

b. : micelle — used especially of the structural units of fibers (as cellulose) and other high polymers (as rubber)

c. : an oriented or crystalline region (as of high lateral order in natural and synthetic fibers)

• crys·tal·lit·ic | ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷|lid.ik adjective

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