Meaning of DECOR in English


or dé·cor dāˈkȯ(ə)r, -kō(ə)r, -kȯ(ə), -kōə, ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ sometimes də̇ˈ-

( -s )

Etymology: French décor, from décorer to decorate, from Latin decorare

1. : ornamentation , decoration

tweed made flashing by the adding of sequins and other incongruous decor — Lois Long

clothes with great decor the stilted platitudes of present-day social thought — Max Lerner

2. : stage scenery and furnishings : sets

has written plays in which the audience's chief interest is in the symbolic nature of the decor — E.R.Bentley

3. : pattern of decoration

acquired enough old objects to enable you to establish an integrated decor for your room — E.F.Robacker

: ornamental disposition of accessories in interior decoration

the decor and the atmosphere of its three dining rooms are like those of a first-class restaurant — Joseph Wechsberg

4. : the combination of features or elements that make up the background or milieu characteristic especially of a place or a period in time

jukeboxes, sports arenas, the couches of psychoanalysts, carnivals — these are the decor — W.B.C.Watkins

: atmosphere

took … the appealing decor of the Romantic school and fused with it his own kind of gentle and penetrating realism — T.G.Bergin

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