Meaning of DEFORMATION in English

ˌdēˌfȯ(r)ˈmāshən, ˌdefə(r)- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English deformacioun, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French deformation, from Latin deformation-, deformatio, from deformatus (past participle of deformare to deform) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at deform

1. : the action of deforming or state of being deformed

2. : change for the worse — opposed in theological use to reformation


a. : the process whereby rocks are folded, faulted, sheared, or compressed by earth stresses (as in the growth of mountain ranges) — see diastrophism

b. : the result of the process

4. : change in either shape or size of a material body or of a geometrical figure — compare strain 1d

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