Meaning of DEPLETION in English


-ēshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Late Latin depletion-, depletio bloodletting, from Latin depletus + -ion-, -io -ion

: the act or process of depleting or the state of being depleted: as


(1) : the reduction or loss of blood, body fluids, chemical constituents, or stored materials from the body (as by hemorrhage or malnutrition)

(2) : a debilitated state caused by excessive loss of body fluids or other constituents


(1) : the reduction in capital value that results from the consumption or diminution of an asset (as an oil well or a mine)

(2) : the measure or amount of exhaustion of such an asset — distinguished from amortization and depreciation

(3) : the utilization of a natural resource (as a water reservoir, a stand of timber) at a rate greater than the rate of replenishment

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