Meaning of DERRICK in English

I. ˈderik, -rēk noun

( -s )

Etymology: after Derick (first name unknown) fl ab 1600 hangman at Tyburn, England

1. obsolete

a. : hangman

b. : gallows

2. : any of various hoisting apparatus employing a tackle rigged at the end of a beam: as

a. obsolete : a tackle rigged at the outer quarter of a mizzen yard

b. : a spar standing on end and carrying at the upper end a hoisting tackle, the upper end being also secured by guys sometimes in such a manner as to permit adjustments of the angle of the spar to the horizontal

c. : a crane consisting of a pivoting mast having fastened to its lower end a boom carrying at its outer end a hoisting tackle, the outer end also being secured by a tackle to the head of the mast so as to permit raising and lowering of the end of the boom

d. : a fixed arm or bracket projecting from a wall with a hoisting tackle at its end (as over a warehouse door)


a. : the framework or tower over a deep drill hole (as that of an oil well) for supporting the tackle for boring or for hoisting and lowering

b. : a tall three-legged staging erected to support a hoisting crane (as in building construction)

[s]derrick.jpg[/s] [

derrick 3a


II. “, esp in pres part -rək transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to hoist, convey, or load by means of a derrick

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