Meaning of DIGIT in English


ˈdijə̇t, usu -ə̇d.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Latin digitus finger, toe — more at toe


a. : any one of the whole numbers from one through nine

b. : one of the 10 arabic numerals by which all numbers may be expressed ; often : any of the arabic numerals with the exception of the cipher

2. : a unit of length based on the breadth of a finger and equal in English measure to 3/4 inch

3. : one of the divisions in which the limbs of amphibians and all higher vertebrates terminate numbering typically five on each limb but often reduced (as in the horse where the whole foot consists of an enormously developed middle digit) and having typically a series of bony phalanges which in most mammals do not exceed three in number and usually bearing a horny nail at the tip which may be modified into a claw or hoof : a finger or toe

Synonyms: see number

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