Meaning of DIVERGENCE in English


I. də̇ˈvərjən(t)s, dīˈ-, -və̄j-, -vəij- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Medieval Latin divergere + English -ence


a. : a drawing apart (as of lines extending from a common center)

an angle is formed by the divergence of straight lines

b. : a difference or disagreement in form, character, opinion

growing divergence of opinion between the two countries

— opposed to convergence

c. : the acquisition of dissimilar characters by related organisms or strains under the influence of unlike environments

2. : a turning aside or departure from a direction, course, policy : deviation , digression

divergence from a theoretical norm

3. : dissemination of the effect of activity of a single nerve cell through multiple synaptic connections — compare convergence

4. : the depletion of air in a layer or region of the atmosphere due to outflowing winds

Synonyms: see dissimilarity

II. noun

: the state of being mathematically divergent

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