Meaning of DIVIDER in English


də̇ˈvīdə(r) noun

( -s )

1. : one that divides

2. usually dividers plural : an instrument for measuring or marking (as in dividing lines and transferring dimensions) : compass

3. : one of a series of transverse timbers in a mine shaft which help to resist lateral pressure on the wall plates and divide the shaft into compartments — called also bunton

4. : a prow on the outer end of the cutter bar of a mower or harvester that parts off the crop to be cut

5. : the second incisor tooth of a horse situated between the center and corner incisors on each side — compare nipper

6. : a piece of material (as paperboard) placed between adjacent articles in a shipping case to prevent damage

7. : a device that divides dough into equal portions (as for rolls) ; also : a bakery worker who operates such a device

8. : a mechanical device used in knitting for equalizing the amount of yarn in each loop of a course

9. : something serving as a partition between separate spaces within a larger area

a low bookcase divider between living room and dining area

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Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.