Meaning of DOUBLING in English



( -s )

Etymology: Middle English doublinge, from doublen to double + -inge -ing

1. : the act or process of one that doubles: as

a. : a sudden unexpected turn (as in running)

b. : the process of redistilling spirits to improve the strength and flavor

c. : a process for the treatment of antimony sulfide or crude antimony containing the sulfide by fusing it with iron or other antimony containing iron so as to form an iron sulfide the removal of which eliminates both iron and sulfur


(1) : the process of combining by machine two or more laps, slivers, or rovings into one lap, sliver, roving, or yarn

(2) : the process of plying two or more yarns

e. : a reduplication of chromosomes

2. : something used to make a second layer or thickness: as

a. : the lining of a garment — used especially in heraldry

b. : doublure 1

c. : a second thickness of planks or plates in a ship

3. : something that is doubled: as

a. doublings plural : redistilled liquor

b. : the doubled border of a sail

c. : the overlapping part of each of two masts especially of a lower mast and topmast — see ship illustration

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