Meaning of EARED in English


I. |i(ə)rd, |iəd adjective

Etymology: Middle English ered, from ere ear + -ed — more at ear I

1. : having ears ; usually : having external ears especially of a specified character — often used in combination

long- eared

pink- eared

flop- eared

2. : having projecting processes: as

a. : having tufts of feathers resembling ears in form or position

an eared owl

b. of a heraldic shield : having small triangular projections at the two upper corners

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English ered, past participle of eren to ear — more at ear IV

1. of cereal plants : having ears usually of a specified character

eared wheat stalks bending in the breeze

— used chiefly in combination

golden- eared grain

full- eared corn

2. : being in ear : come into ear

an eared field of corn

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