Meaning of EFFICIENT in English

I. -nt adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French efficient, from Latin efficient-, efficiens

1. : serving as or characteristic of an efficient cause : causally productive : operant

the efficient action of heat

2. : marked by ability to choose and use the most effective and least wasteful means of doing a task or accomplishing a purpose : competent

her education made it likely that she would be a typist more efficient than the average — W.S.Maugham

the efficient housewife takes the best possible care of her utensils

3. : marked by qualities, characteristics, or equipment that facilitate the serving of a purpose or the performance of a task in the best possible manner : eminently satisfactory in use : effective to an end

the most efficient kind of phrase for the purpose of communicating these subtle, complex impressions — H.J.Muller

the new barn is more efficient — S.H.Holbrook

Synonyms: see effective

II. noun

( -s )

obsolete : efficient cause

the great efficient of the world — Joseph Hall

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