Meaning of ELEVATED in English


I. adjective


a. : raised especially above the ground or other surface : situated at a high level

the house stood on an elevated site

after the skin becomes elevated and lumpy, pus forms — Morris Fishbein

b. : increased especially abnormally (as in degree or amount)

the pulse rate is elevated slightly — D.W.Maurer & V.H.Vogel

an elevated temperature


a. : morally or intellectually on a high plane : aloof from what is mean or ignoble : marked by nobility of thought or feeling : noble , refined , edifying

his elevated mind abominated the luxuries of an effete civilization — Elinor Wylie

elevated ideas

b. : formal , dignified , exalted , lofty

we must not smile at the elevated diction of this letter — H.S.Canby

by prose I mean … plain, workaday prose, not artistic or elevated prose — J.L.Lowes


a. : exalted in mood or feeling : exhilarated, excited

she was in one of those moods of elevated feeling, when the soul is upheld by a strange tranquillity — Nathaniel Hawthorne

b. : tipsy , intoxicated

he drinks much champagne and becomes elevated — Joyce Cary

• el·e·vat·ed·ly adverb

• el·e·vat·ed·ness noun -es

II. noun

( -s )

: elevated railroad

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