Meaning of EMERALD in English

I. ˈem(ə)rəld noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English emeraude, emerallde, from Middle French esmeragde, esmeraude, esmeralde, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin smaragda, smaralda, from Latin smaragdus, from Greek smaragdos, maragdos, probably of Semitic origin; akin to Hebrew bāreqet emerald


a. : a variety of beryl distinguished by a rich green color caused by the presence of chromium and highly prized as a gemstone

b. : any of various green gemstones (as synthetic corundum or demantoid) — used chiefly in combination

2. or emerald green

a. : a brilliant green that is the color of emerald green pigment — called also Mitis green, Vienna green

b. of textiles : a strong yellowish green approximating the color of the emerald — called also emeraude

c. : a variable color averaging a strong bluish green

3. Britain : minionette

4. : any of various tropical American hummingbirds more or less marked with emerald green

II. adjective

1. : brightly or richly green

the emerald fields of spring

sometimes : of the color emerald

an emerald scarf

2. of a mineral : gemmy and richly green in color

emerald spodumene

3. of a jewelry setting : square or rectangular — compare emerald cut

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