Meaning of ENCAPSULATE in English

ə̇nˈkapsəˌlāt, en- also -syə- verb

also en·capsule ə̇n, en+

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: encapsulate from en- (I) + capsule, n. + -ate, vb. suffix; encapsule from en- (I) + capsule, n.

transitive verb

: to surround, encase, or protect in or as if in a capsule : capsule

the tissues of the body surround the [trichina] organisms and encapsulate them — Morris Fishbein

in his youth he was encapsulated in affection — H.L.Mencken

intransitive verb

: to become encapsulated

a bacillus that encapsulates in the human body

some very small poikilotherms desiccate and encapsulate for protection — Samuel Brody

• en·capsulation ə̇n, (ˌ)en+ noun

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