Meaning of EQUATORIAL in English


I. |ēkwə|tōrēəl, |ek-, -tȯr- adjective

Etymology: equator + -ial


a. : of, at, or relating to the equator or an equator

equatorial regions

equatorial diameter

b. : of, in, originating in, or suggesting the region around the geographic equator

equatorial forests

equatorial origin

equatorial air masses

equatorial heat

2. : being or having a support that includes two axles at right angles to each other, one being parallel to the earth's axis of rotation so that motion of the instrument supported in right ascension and declination is possible — used of a telescope or other astronomical instrument

3. : extending in a direction essentially in the plane of a cyclohexane or similar cyclic structure ; also : characterized by bonds extending in this manner

equatorial bonds

equatorial hydrogen atoms

— distinguished from axial

II. noun

( -s )

: a telescope that has an equatorial mounting

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