Meaning of ESTIMATION in English

ˌestəˈmāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English estimacioun, from Middle French estimation act of estimating, valuation, from Latin aestimation-, aestimatio, from aestimatus (past participle of aestimare to value, estimate) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at esteem

1. : judgment , opinion , point of view

but apart from his own estimation of certain modern composers it is a conductor's duty to give all well-written works a trial — Warwick Braithwaite


a. : the act of estimating : the act of making an estimate (as of significance, size, or extent)

the thermometer for the measurement of temperature and the barometer for the estimation of atmosphere pressure — S.F.Mason

b. : the value, number, amount, size, or price arrived at in an estimate : evaluation , estimate

felt his estimation of the man was unfair

staggering estimations of the future Canadian population — Aileen D. Ross


a. archaic : reputation

b. : good reputation : esteem , honor

after the victory, the victor gained notably in general estimation

c. archaic : importance , significance

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