Meaning of EVOLUTE in English


I. ˈevəˌlüt also ˈēv- or -vəlˌyüt noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin evolutus, past participle of evolvere to unroll, unfold — more at evolve

1. mathematics : the locus of the center of curvature or the envelope of the normals of another curve — compare at involute

2. : a curving wavelike scroll used decoratively on friezes and moldings

II. adjective

Etymology: Latin evolutus, past participle

botany : turned back : unfolded

III. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: back-formation from evolution

: evolve , develop

if we ever evolute into a really satisfactory political and economic life, we won't like it — Scribner's

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