Meaning of EXISTENTIAL in English

|eg(ˌ)zi|stenchəl, -gzə|-, |ek(ˌ)si|-, -ksə|- adjective

Etymology: Late Latin existentialis, exsistentialis, from existentia, exsistentia + Latin -alis -al

1. : of, relating to, or dealing with existence

the existential ‘is’ which in our logic connects the two parts of a proposition — E.R.Hughes

2. logic

a. : assertive either explicitly or by implication of existence or actuality as opposed to mere possibility, conceivability, or ideality or to mere explication of a meaning

definitions are not existential propositions

b. : making an assertion about the extension as opposed to the intension of the subject term


a. : grounded in existence : having being in time and space

formal logicians … are not concerned with existential matters which are precisely what artists are concerned with — John Dewey

b. : based on the experience of existence : empirical as contrasted with theoretical or abstract

the problem of aesthetic objectivity or, more precisely, the existential status of aesthetic values — Hunter Mead


[translation of Danish eksistentiel & German existential ]

: concerned with or involving human existence or its nature : existentialist

• ex·is·ten·tial·ly -əlē, -li adverb

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