Meaning of EXOGENOUS in English


(ˈ)ek|säjənəs adjective

Etymology: French exogène exogenous + English -ous

: produced from without : originating from or due to external causes: as

a. : growing from or on the outside

exogenous spores

: growing by addition to the exterior

exogenous stems


(1) : caused by a factor (as food) or an agent from outside the organism and not due primarily to structural or functional failure

exogenous obesity

exogenous heart disease associated with rheumatic fever

— compare endogenous

(2) : introduced from or produced outside the organism

exogenous supply of a vitamin

c. : arising from other than hereditary factors

exogenous mental deficiency

d. : of, relating to, or produced by the metabolism or nitrogenous substances obtained from food : dietary

exogenous uric acid

— compare endogenous

e. of rocks : composed of materials derived from processes of erosion or produced by metamorphism through contact with adjacent igneous intrusion

f. : originating from outside an economic system (as from political, accidental, and technological forces) — compare endogenous

• ex·og·e·nous·ly adverb

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