Meaning of EXPLOSIVE in English

I. -ōs]iv, ]ēv also -ōz] or ]əv adjective

Etymology: Latin explos us (past participle of explodere, explaudere ) + English -ive


a. : relating to, characterized or operated by, or suited to cause explosion

explosive force

an explosive engine

the explosive increase of population

an explosive epidemic of rheumatic fever

b. : tending to explode

a blustering explosive person

2. : characterized by explosion

• ex·plo·sive·ly ]ə̇vlē, -li adverb

• ex·plo·sive·ness ]ivnə̇s, ]ēv- also ]əv- noun -es

II. noun

( -s )

1. : an explosive substance : a substance that on ignition by heat, impact, friction, or detonation undergoes very rapid decomposition (as combustion) with the production of heat and the formation of more stable products (as gases) which exert tremendous pressure as they expand at the high temperature produced ; especially : a solid chemical compound or mixture of compounds that is used to release energy for performing work (as in blasting or propelling projectiles) — see high explosive , low explosive

2. : a consonant characterized by explosion in its articulation when it occurs in certain environments : stop

III. adjective

: done by the force of a controlled explosion

explosive welding

explosive forming of metal parts

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