Meaning of FABRICATE in English


-əˌkāt, usu -d.+V transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English fabricaten, from Latin fabricatus, past participle of fabricari — more at fabric


a. : to form by art and labor : manufacture , produce

fabricated some of the finest English pottery

an organization devoted to fabricating deluxe editions of the classics

b. : to form into a whole by uniting parts : construct , build

fabricated a bridge of steel beams

planning to fabricate a house of wholly synthetic materials

often : to build up into a whole by uniting interchangeable standardized parts

fabricating automobiles on the assembly line


a. : to make, shape, or prepare (parts) according to standardized specifications so as to be interchangeable

fabricating brake assemblies for one of the new cars

b. : to cause (raw material or stock) to be manufactured : shape

fabricating sheet steel into plates

what steel to use or how to fabricate it — Dun's Review


a. : invent , formulate

philosophers fabricating new theories of the universe

: create

his brave attempts to fabricate something permanent and holy out of his personal animal feelings — T.S.Eliot


(1) : to make up with intent to deceive

fabricated an involved explanation of his absence

(2) : forge

Synonyms: see make

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