Meaning of FILLING in English



( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of fillen to fill — more at fill

1. : an act or instance of filling

the filling of bottles

the filling of an order

2. : something used to fill a cavity, container, or depression : filler , fill

3. : something that completes or rounds off: as


(1) : the yarn interlacing the warp at right angles in the weaving of fabrics ; also : yarn for the shuttle

(2) : a pattern of fancy stitches used to cover or complete the open spaces in embroidery and lace designs

b. : a sweet or savory food mixture used to fill pastry, cake, or sandwiches

c. : filler I 1a(4)

4. : simple sporadic lymphangitis of the leg of a horse commonly due to overfeeding and underexercising

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