Meaning of FLUSTER in English


I. ˈfləstə(r) verb

( flustered ; flustered ; flustering -t(ə)riŋ ; flusters )

Etymology: Middle English flostren, probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Icelandic flaustur hurry, flaustra to deal superficially (with); probably akin to Old Norse flaustr ship, fljōta to flow — more at fleet

transitive verb

1. : to heat or inflame with or as if with drinking : make tipsy : befuddle

2. : to put into a state of disorder or confusion : confuse , muddle

3. : to utter in a confused or incoherent manner

intransitive verb

: to move or behave in an agitated, confused, or excited manner

flustered down the aisle to her seat

Synonyms: see discompose

II. noun

( -s )

1. obsolete : a state of excitement or glow (as from intoxication)

2. : agitation mingled with confusion : to-do

took it all pretty coolly: no fluster , no flood of tears or questions — C.D.Lewis

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