Meaning of FODDER in English


I. ˈfädə(r) noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English, from Old English fōdor, foddor — more at food

1. : food , provision — not now in formal use

2. : something fed to domestic animals ; especially : coarse food (as hay, vegetables, corn fodder) for cattle, horses, and sheep

fodder plants

fodder trees

— compare concentrate , roughage

3. : something that is used to supply a constant demand : something to be consumed: as

a. slang : ammunition

b. : raw material for artistic creation

burlesques of animals, babies, and females are perennial clown fodder — Bill Ballantine

the fodder of the middlebrow novelist — V.S.Pritchett

c. : human beings regarded for a certain purpose as an undifferentiated mass

labor fodder

cannon fodder

factory fodder

II. transitive verb

( foddered ; foddered ; foddering -d(ə)riŋ ; fodders )

Etymology: Middle English fodderen, from fodder (I) , n.

1. : to feed with or as if with fodder

2. obsolete : graze


variant of fother

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