Meaning of FORTIFY in English

-ˌfī verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

Etymology: Middle English fortifien, from Middle French fortifier, from Late Latin fortificare, from Latin fortis strong + -ficare -fy — more at fort

transitive verb

1. : to make strong : strengthen: as

a. : to strengthen and secure (as a town) by forts or batteries or by surrounding with fortifications

b. obsolete : to equip and supply (as a garrison or fortress)

c. : to add strength by reinforcing the structure of

fortifying the dam with riprap

d. : to give physical strength, courage, or endurance to : invigorate , refresh

a balanced diet fortifies the system against infection

fortified himself with a glass of wine

e. : to add mental or moral strength to : furnish with resistant power : help to endure : encourage , confirm

their spirits fortified with prayer

fortified by initial successes he determined to carry out his plan

let thy spirit fortify me in times of touble

2. obsolete : to make (as a way) passable

3. : to add material to for the purpose of strengthening or improving: as

a. : to add ethyl alcohol to (as wines)

b. : to enrich (as a foodstuff or diet) by increasing the content of material usually present (as minerals or vitamins) or by adding something not normally present (as an antibiotic)

c. : to bring (as a weak or spent solution) to the proper concentration by addition of a deficient substance

fortifying spent nitric acid recovered from the nitrating of cellulose with concentrated nitric acid

intransitive verb

1. obsolete : to grow or become strong

2. : to erect fortifications : prepare military defenses

Synonyms: see strengthen

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