Meaning of FRAILTY in English

ˈfrā(ə)ltē, -ti noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English frelete, freelte, frailte, from Middle French fraileté, freleté, from Latin fragilitat-, fragilitas, from fragilis + -itat-, -itas -ity

1. : the quality or state of being frail

declaim against the frailty of human flesh

a. : insubstantiality

a novel marked by frailty of subject matter

b. : tenuousness

the frailty of the connection between the two sides of the family

c. : infirmity

always concerned for the frailty of his physical being

d. : susceptibility

the frailty of young lads to the charms of young ladies

2. : an inadequacy, a fault, or a sin resulting from weakness (as of constitution or moral character)

Synonyms: see fault

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