Meaning of FUCUS in English


ˈfyükəs noun

Etymology: Latin, archil, red dye, rouge, deceit, from Greek phykos seaweed, rouge, of Semitic origin; akin to Hebrew pūk antimony used as a cosmetic

1. -es obsolete

a. : a face paint or complexion aid : cosmetic

b. : outward show : facade

God … sees through all the daubings and fucuses of hypocrisy — John Scott

2. capitalized

[New Latin, from Latin]

: a genus (the type of the family Fucaceae) of cartilaginous dichotomously branched brown algae that are blackish brown to olive green in color, have the reproductive cavities restricted to the bladder-shaped branch buds, and are used in the kelp industry and as a source of algin — compare ascophyllum

3. -es : any of various brown algae ; especially : any plant of the genus Fucus

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