Meaning of FUNCTIONARY in English

I. ˈfəŋ(k)shəˌnerē, -ri noun

also func·tion·aire or func·tion·naire | ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷|na(a)](ə)r, -|ne], ]ə\

( plural functionaries also functionaires or functionnaires )

Etymology: functionary (translation of French fonctionnaire ) from function (I) + -ary (n. suffix); functionaire, functionnaire modification (influenced by English function ) (I) of French fonctionnaire, from fonction function (from Latin function-, functio performance) + -aire -ary — more at function

: one who serves in a certain function

characters in melodrama … are rather functionaries in a preconceived plot — Roger Manvell

the functionaries who summon motorcars for the clubhouse patrons — Frank Sullivan

especially : one holding a paid position or office in a government or party : civil servant

the bureaucracy … includes a number of functionaries … 1 court clerk … 1 forest guard … 1 market sweeper — Mary Tew

: official

the distinction between members of the Communist party and functionaries — Sidney Hook

II. adjective

Etymology: function (I) + -ary (adjective suffix)

: functional 1b

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