Meaning of FURNACE in English

I. ˈfərnə̇s, ˈfə̄n-, ˈfəin- noun

( -s )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English furneis, furnas, from Old French fornaise, fournaise, from Latin fornac-, fornax; akin to Latin formus warm — more at warm

1. : an apparatus for the production or application of heat: as

a. : an enclosed structure for reducing ore or melting or heat-treating metal by the application of intense heat produced typically by full combustion — compare hearth

b. : an oven for firing pottery : kiln

c. : an apparatus usually consisting of a firepot and a system of pipes to carry heat to all parts of a building

d. : an atomic reactor

2. archaic : a boiler or crucible

3. : something that resembles or has the effect of a furnace

the immense furnaces of the stars — J.A.Thomson & Patrick Geddes

as gold is refined in the crucible so do the great Christian virtues … flow in all their purity from the furnace of man's affliction — W.F.Hambly

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

1. obsolete : to give forth like a furnace

he furnaces the thick sighs from him — Shakespeare


a. : to subject to heat

a mixture of extremely fine silica and … lead oxide is furnaced for two hours at 625° C — E.R.Riegel

b. : to appear to heat : make glow

the Indian House stood furnaced in melancholy red by a September sunset — William Sansom

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