Meaning of FURRING in English


ˈfər.]iŋ, ]ēŋ also ˈfə̄r]\ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of furren to trim or line with fur — more at fur

1. : a fur trimming or lining

among the clergy of the lower grade in a cathedral there was a distinction marked by the furring of the amice — Daniel Rock


a. : the process of incrustation or of clogging as if with fur

the furring of the mouth and the throat in fevers — John Woodall

b. : a coating of or as if of fur ; specifically : a deposit from water that collects on the inside of a boiler



(1) : the process of double-planking a ship's sides

(2) : the material used in this process

(3) : strips of wood fastened to the frames or joists of a ship to shape or level them for the attachment of a finished surface (as sheathing)


(1) : the application of thin wood, brick, or metal pieces to the joists, studs, or walls of a building to form a level surface (as for lathing, plastering, or attaching wallboard), to form an air space, or to make the wall look thicker and the window jambs deeper — called also firring

(2) : the material used in this process

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