Meaning of GAGGLE in English

I. ˈgagəl, ˈgaig- intransitive verb

( gaggled ; gaggled ; gaggling -g(ə)liŋ ; gaggles )

Etymology: Middle English gagelen; probably of imitative origin like Middle High German gāgen to gaggle, Old Norse gaga to mock, gagl wild goose

: to make a noise like that of a goose : cackle , gabble

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English gagyll, from gagelen, v.

1. : a flock of geese especially when on the water — compare skein

2. : a group of people bonded because of some common element : bunch , gang

confronted by a whole gaggle of photographers and reporters

a gaggle of gossiping women

3. : a number of disorganized but related things

a gaggle of eponyms, synonyms, and terms that confront the medical student

a gaggle of little railroads between cities

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