Meaning of GAMBOL in English


I. ˈgambəl, ˈgaam- noun

( -s )

Etymology: earlier gambolde, gambalde, modification of Middle French gambade spring of a horse, gambol, probably from (assumed) Old Provençal gambada, cambada (whence Provençal gambado, cambado ), from Old Provençal camba leg, from Late Latin gamba, camba hock (of a horse), leg, modification of Greek kampē bend — more at camp

: a skipping or leaping about in play : a frolicking movement

Synonyms: see play II

II. intransitive verb

( gamboled or gambolled ; gamboled or gambolled ; gamboling or gambolling -b(ə)liŋ ; gambols )

: to bound or spring as in dancing or play : skip about : frisk , cavort

Synonyms: see play

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