Meaning of GAMY in English



also gam·ey ˈgāmē, -mi

( gamier ; gamiest )

Etymology: game (I) + -y

1. : showing an unyielding spirit to the last plucky , game — used especially of animals

the gamy fish does most of its fighting below the surface — National Geographic

a gamy cow pony


a. : having or suggesting the flavor of game

begins to lose its rich gamy flavor when it has been out of the water less than an hour — Ford Times

especially : having the flavor of game kept uncooked till near the condition of tainting

b. : malodorous

she had a huge brown billy goat … so she was usually pretty gamy herself — Crary Moore


a. : treating of scandalous or sensational themes or happenings : spicy , racy , sordid , titillating

three other episodes are rather broad and gamy — John McCarten

skips the asterisks and gives you the gamy details — V.P.Hass

a gamy rape story — Time

b. : morally tainted : disreputable

as gamy an assemblage of solons as the nation then offered — Dwight Macdonald

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