Meaning of GANTRY in English


I. noun

also gan·tree ˈgan.trē, -ri

( plural gantries also gantrees ; sometimes singular in construction )

Etymology: perhaps modification of Old North French gantier, from Latin cantherius trellis, rafter, gelding, probably of non-Indo-European origin; akin to the source of Greek kanthēlios pack ass

1. : a frame used for supporting barrels (as in a cellar) or for rolling barrels to a higher level

2. : a frame structure raised on side supports so as to span over or around something and usually of large dimensions: as

a. : a bridge or platform carrying a traveling crane or winch and supported by a pair of towers or by trestles or side frames running on parallel tracks

b. : a structure supporting a number of railroad signals for several tracks

II. noun

: a movable scaffold with platforms at different levels for use in erecting and servicing rockets before launching

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