Meaning of GATHERING in English


-th(ə)riŋ, -rēŋ noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English gadering, gaderung, from Old English gaderung, from gadrian, gaderian to gather + -ung, -ing -ing — more at gather


a. : the action or an instance of coming together or accumulating

a gathering of dust on the shelves

that black gathering of clouds foretold a shower

the gathering of melted snow into little streams

b. : a coming together of people in a group (as for social, religious, or political purposes) : assembly , meeting

cultural and civic gatherings

the outstanding social gathering of the year

c. : a suppurating swelling : abscess


a. : the act or work of a gatherer (as in contracting, accumulating, or assembling something)

b. : the collecting or gleaning of food and other raw materials from the wild

peoples whose economy is based on gathering are ill-situated to attain the stability essential to any high level of civilization

3. : something that is gathered: as

a. : a collection (as of money for charity) or compilation (as of literary fragments)

b. : parison

c. : a gather in cloth

d. : the leaves of a book that are folded and stitched into one signature

e. : sap collected at one time in a sugar-maple orchard

the evening gathering is usually much larger than the morning one is

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