Meaning of GERIATRIC in English


I. |jerē|a.trik, -rēk adjective

Etymology: Greek gēras old age + English iatric — more at corn

1. : of or relating to geriatrics

the geriatric department of the hospital

2. : of or relating to the aged or the process of aging

significant geriatric disorders

II. adjective


a. : old : elderly

a geriatric writer with literary memories — Michel Lambeth

b. : of, relating to, or appropriate for elderly people

the geriatric set

slow-tempoed, geriatric tunes — John Gruen

2. : being very old and outmoded

U.S. air travelers probably have no option but to continue riding on geriatric planes — Eliot Marshall

III. noun

( -s )

Etymology: geriatric , adjective

: an elderly person

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