Meaning of HAY in English


I. ˈhā noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English haie, heie, from Old English hege; akin to Old English haga hedge, hawthorn — more at hedge

1. archaic : an enclosing fence : hedge

2. archaic : a place enclosed with a hay : park

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English hey, from Old English hīeg, hīg, hēg; akin to Old High German hewi hay, Old Norse hey, Gothic hawi hay, Old English hēawan to hew — more at hew

1. : grass ready for mowing or especially cut and cured for fodder ; specifically : the entire herbage sometimes including the seeds of grasses and other forage plants (as legumes) harvested and dried especially for feed

2. : a grayish greenish yellow that is slightly less strong and very slightly lighter than absinthe yellow, greener and duller than dusty yellow, and slightly deeper than yellow stone

3. : a rewarding result of careful effort, industriousness, or cultivation (as of friendships)

got some political hay out of his association with underworld characters

4. slang : bed — used with the

drag out of the hay at six-thirty to dress and serve breakfast — Margaret Long

caught him in the hay with one of her maids — H.A.Smith

5. : a trifling sum of money

sells over $250,000 worth of them a year — and in the book trade that is anything but hay — J.C.Furnas

III. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

intransitive verb

: to cut and cure grass for hay and usually haul it from the field and store it

transitive verb

1. : to dry (a cut grass) so as to make hay

2. : to grow grass on for making hay

hay the lower meadow

3. : to give hay to

hay the horses

IV. noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English haye, from Anglo-French haie

archaic : a net used for catching a wild animal (as a rabbit)

V. noun

or hey “

( -s )

Etymology: Middle French haye

1. : a rustic dance with much interweaving of couples

2. : a right and left performed in a figure eight, straight line, or circular pattern in a dance

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