Meaning of HEAP in English

I. ˈhēp noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English heep, hepe, from Old English hēap; akin to Old High German houf, hūfo heap, Old Saxon hōp, Middle Low German hūpe heap, Old English hēah high — more at high

1. : a collection of things laid or thrown one on another : pile

small heaps of stones at which … sacrifices are offered — J.G.Frazer

2. : a great number or large quantity : lot

there would be a heap of noise and excitement — S.H.Holbrook

it took a heap of work — Meridel Le Sueur

made a heap of money

there must be heaps of young poets who adore you — G.B.Shaw

3. : the totality of rivals or competitors — used in the phrase the top of the heap

it's getting to the top of the heap that saves a man — Louis Auchincloss

remain at the top of the concert heap indefinitely — Time

4. slang : automobile ; especially : an old beat-up automobile

that heap wasn't worth more than thirty dollars — C.L.Lamson

my old tin heap wouldn't start — Christopher Morley

- heap sight

- of a heap

II. verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English hepen, from Old English hēapian; akin to Old High German houfōn to heap; denominatives from the root of English heap (I)

transitive verb


a. : to throw or lay in a heap : pile or collect in great quantity : lay up : amass , accumulate

stacks of firewood were heaped all about the store — F.V.W.Mason

b. : to fill, load, or cover with a heap or heaps

dishes heaped high with food

fields heaped high with stacks of grain


a. : to accord, assign, or bestow lavishly or in large quantities

heaped scorn and reproaches upon him

heaping work upon his shoulders

b. : to bestow lavishly or in large quantities upon

heaped him with stewardships and sinecures — Francis Hackett

3. : to form or round into a heap (as in measuring) : fill (a measure) more than even full

intransitive verb

: to form in a heap

the drift heaped denser and denser about his legs — C.G.D.Roberts

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