Meaning of HEATER in English


I. ˈhēd.ə(r), -ētə- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English heter, from heten to heat + -er — more at heat

1. : something that heats : a contrivance that imparts heat or holds something to be heated: as

a. : a stove, furnace, radiator, or other device for giving off heat

b. : an iron core for heating box irons

c. : a wire or filament in an electron tube that heats the cathode indirectly


a. : one whose work is to heat something — often used in combination

rivet heater

tire heater

b. : one that heats metal billets to make them workable

c. : one that tends the burners that heat a petroleum-products still

3. slang : pistol

II. noun

: a baseball pitch that is extremely hard and fast

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