Meaning of HELLEBORE in English

ˈheləˌbō(ə)r noun

( -s )

Etymology: Latin helleborus, elleborus, from Greek helleboros, perhaps from hellos, ellos fawn + -boros (from bibrōskein to devour); akin to Greek elaphos deer — more at elk , voracious


a. : a plant of the genus Helleborus — see bear's foot 1

b. : a poisonous herb of the genus Veratrum


a. : the dried rhizome and root of any medicinal herb of the genus Helleborus (as the black hellebores H. niger and H. orientalis and the green hellebore H. viridis ) or a powder or extract of this used by the ancient Greeks and Romans in treating mental and other disorders

b. : the dried rhizome and root of a white hellebore ( Veratrum album or V. viride ) or a powder or extract of this containing alkaloids (as protoveratrine) used as a cardiac and respiratory depressant and also as an insecticide

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