Meaning of HERETICAL in English


hə̇ˈred.]ə̇kəl, heˈ-, -ret], ˈēk- adjective

Etymology: Medieval Latin haereticalis, from Late Latin haereticus + Latin -alis -al

1. : of, relating to, or characterized by religious heresy : heterodox

let a church member in good standing dare to utter heretical opinions on theology … his scalp is in danger — L.L.Rice

— opposed to orthodox

2. : of, relating to, or characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards : radical , unorthodox

we must have a spirit of tolerance which allows the expression of all opinions, however heretical they may appear — J.B.Conant

many critics regard individualism in art as an heretical innovation — John Dewey

• he·ret·i·cal·ly -k(ə)lē, -li adverb

• he·ret·i·cal·ness -kəlnə̇s noun -es

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