Meaning of HO in English

I. ˈhō interjection

Etymology: Middle English

— used typically to express surprise or delight or indignation or derision or to attract attention and especially postpositively to attract attention to something specified

land ho

— often used postpositively as a rallying cry with a specified direction or destination

westward ho

II. verb imperative

Etymology: Middle English, from Old French ho halt, stop

— a call intended to stop a movement or an action; compare whoa

III. intransitive verb

dialect England : hone III

IV. noun

( plural ho or hos )

Usage: usually capitalized


a. : a people of the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent south of the Ganges plain

b. : a member of such people

2. : the Munda language of the Ho people

V. abbreviation


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