Meaning of HUCKLEBERRY in English

I. ˈhəkəl- — see berry noun

Etymology: perhaps alteration of hurtleberry


a. : an edible dark-blue to black berry with 10 hard bony nutlets that is typically smaller and more acid than a blueberry

b. : any of several No. American shrubs of the genus Gaylussacia (especially G. baccata ) whose fruit is a huckleberry — see box huckleberry

2. : blueberry 1: as

a. : a dark-fruited as distinguished from a blue-fruited blueberry

b. : whortleberry 1

c. : a stiff evergreen shrub ( Vaccinium ovatum ) with edible garnet to black berries and glossy foliage much used as greenery in floral arrangements and decorations

II. intransitive verb

: to pick or look for huckleberries

go huckleberrying

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