Meaning of ICONOGRAPHY in English


ˌīkəˈnägrəfē noun

( -es )

Etymology: Greek eikonographia sketch, description, from eikonographein to describe (from eikon- icon- + graphein to draw, write) + -ia -y — more at carve


a. : illustration of a subject by pictures or other visual representations

figures … to be placed alongside the work of such masters of crustacean iconography — Nature

b. : pictures and other visual representations illustrating or relating to a subject

a discovery adding another portrait to the iconography of Columbus

specifically : art representing religious or legendary subjects by conventional images and symbols

sculptures … of the highest importance for the history of both Indian art and Buddhist iconography — V.A.Smith


(1) : the imagery selected to convey the meaning of a work of art or the identity of its figures and setting and comprising figures or objects or features often fixed (as in medieval religious art) by convention : a set of symbolic forms

the guitar, the wine glass, the playing cards together form an iconography suggestive of pleasant, carefree moments — Aline B. Saarinen

(2) : the set of conventions or principles governing such imagery

the types of the Muses in art … must wait until the Roman period before their iconography and their roles are definitively codified — J.J.Seznec

2. : iconology

3. : a book, list, or other record featuring or dealing with iconography

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