Meaning of INDUCTIVE in English


(ˈ)in|dəktiv, ənˈd-, -tēv also -təv adjective

Etymology: in sense 1, from Medieval Latin inductivus, from Latin inductus (past participle of inducere to induce) + -ivus -ive; in other senses, from induction, after such pairs as English deduction : deductive — more at induce

1. : leading on : drawing on : inducing , tempting

inductive to the sin of Eve — John Milton

2. : of or relating to logical induction

the inductive method

inductive reasoning

: employing the methods of induction

inductive science


a. : of, relating to, or produced or operated by electrical induction

b. : of, relating to, or having inductance especially mutual inductance

4. : introductory , prefatory

5. : involving the action of an inductor

inductive effect of chordamesoderm

: tending to produce induction

inductive reactions in the embryo

• in·duc·tive·ly -təvlē, -li adverb

• in·duc·tive·ness -tivnə̇s, -tēv- also -təv- noun -es

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