Meaning of INFINITE in English


I. ˈinfənə̇]t sometimes -fəˌnī] sometimes as opposed to “finite” (ˈ)in|fīˌnī] or ə̇nˈfīˌnī]; usu ]d.+V\ adjective

Etymology: Middle English infinit, from Middle French or Latin; Middle French infinit, from Latin infinitus, from in- in- (I) + finitus limited, finite — more at finite

1. : being without limits of any kind : subject to no limitation or external determination

philosophy compels faith in real personality, finite and relative in man, infinite and absolute in nature — F.A.Christie


a. : having no end : extending indefinitely

speculate and wonder as to the structure of the universe, whether it is bounded or infinite — W.V.Houston

infinite duration

b. : having innumerable parts : capable of endless division or distinction within itself

electrophones capable of infinite gradations of pitch — Robert Domington

3. : having no limit in power, capacity, knowledge, or excellence : immeasurably or inconceivably great : boundless

infinite mercy

infinite wisdom

infinite patience

infinite discretion


a. : indefinitely large or extensive : indefinite in number : immeasurable

b. : vast , immense

c. : endless , inexhaustible

infinite ingenuity of man — Mary Webb

5. pre-Socratic philosophy : constituting the matrix or an ingredient of formed and determined reality

6. of a verb form : having neither person, number, nor mood


a. : not finite : extending or lying beyond any preassigned value however large

the number of positive numbers is infinite

b. : extending to infinity

infinite plane surface

infinite branch of a curve

c. : having the same power as a proper subset of itself : capable of being put into a one-to-one correspondence with a subset of itself — used of a mathematical aggregate

• in·fi·nite·ly adverb

• in·fi·nite·ness noun

II. noun

: something that is infinite:

a. : boundless space or duration : infinity

b. : an incalculable or very great number

an infinite of possibilities

c. : an infinite quantity or magnitude

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