Meaning of INFINITIVE in English

I. ə̇nˈfinəd.iv, -ətiv adverb

Etymology: Late Latin infinitivus, from Latin infinitus infinite + -ivus -ive — more at infinite

: formed with the infinitive

infinitive phrase

• in·fin·i·tive·ly -ə̇vlē, -li adverb

II. noun

( -s )

: an infinite verb form normally identical in English with the first person singular that peforms certain functions of a noun and at the same time displays certain characteristics (as association with objects and adverbial modifiers) of a verb and is used with to (as in “ to err is human”; “I asked him to go ”) except with auxiliary and certain other verbs (as in “he can see ”; “let me go ”; “no one saw him leave ”)

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