Meaning of INGRESS in English

I. ˈinˌgres noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English ingresse, from Latin ingressus, from ingressus, past participle of ingredi to go into, enter — more at ingredient

1. : the act of entering : entrance

ingress of air into the lungs

ingress of immigrants

ingress of summer tourists

2. : the power or liberty of entrance or access

ingress visa

: means of entering

gate providing ingress to the meadow

3. : a point in an astrological direction where a significator transits the place of any other planet, the ascendant, or midheaven

4. : an entrance of the moon into the shadow of the earth in an eclipse or of an inferior planet upon the sun's disk in transit or of a satellite or its shadow on a planet : the sun's entrance (as into a sign)

II. (ˈ)in|gres, ənˈg- intransitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

Etymology: Latin ingressus, past participle

1. : to go in : enter

2. : to mark an ingress — said of an astrological significator

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