Meaning of INTERLOCK in English


I. “+ verb

Etymology: inter- + lock

intransitive verb

: to engage or interrelate with one another : lock into one another : interlace firmly

interlocking fingers

bolt interlocks with its striker

interlocking stitches

transitive verb

1. : to lock together : unite closely

walls … contrived to interlock stone with stone without using an ounce of mortar — John McNulty

2. : to connect in such a way that the motion of any part is constrained by another part ; especially : to arrange the connections of (as railroad switches or signals) to ensure successive movement in proper sequence

II. ˈintə(r)+ˌ- noun

1. : the fact or state of being interlocked

interlock of corporate directorates

2. : an arrangement whereby the operation of one part or mechanism automatically brings about or prevents the operation of another

interlock on an elevator door

3. : a mechanism for or the act of synchronizing a motion-picture camera and sound-recording devices

III. | ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷+ adjective

: knitted with interlocking stitches by the use of two alternating sets of needles

interlock hosiery

IV. noun

1. : a stretchable fabric made on a circular knitting machine and consisting of two ribbed fabrics joined by interlocking

2. : a garment made of interlock

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